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#1. Brush Chapter 1. It Begins!

Ch 1.1 * #1 * Feb. 10, 2019
  1. Chloe (trying to lean back to brush her tail).
  2. Chloe (trying to lean forward to brush her tail).
  3. Chloe (trying to lean another way to brush her tail).
  4. Chloe (exasperated): "Who designed this stupid body!?!?"
Character: Chloe

At one point today, I was really, really sick, half asleep, and Muse started poking at my head. "Draw a webcomic!" she shouted. "A slice-of-life four-panel comedy about newly-transformed monstergirls!"


So Day Two, a webcomic about dealing with modern life when you're just not the same species you were last week and the world's still designed for humans. The first comic features Chloe, our lead character and protagonist. She's normally sweet, but she has a temper and is a bit of a drama queen, and growing a few more legs hasn't helped her one bit. Her roommate's a naga, and maybe if I ever draw another one of these, you'll get to meet her too. Don't expect this to be a real webcomic; Muse is fickle, and maybe it'll never go past one page. But if you all like it, maybe we'll do more.

Oh, and why's the world full of newly-transformed monstergirls (and monsterboys)? If I ever draw enough comics, we might even find out. But not that it really matters, now, does it?

UPDATE! Comic #2 will be posted next Sunday, February 17, 2019!

— Inker