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#169. Angel's Among Us Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Angel's Among Us
Ch 6.0 * #169 * Dec. 31, 2023
  1. Angel floating with her wings and hands raised.

Here we go! Chapter 6, "Angel's Among Us!" I'm sure nothing significant will happen in this chapter, and it'll all be just as quiet and uneventful as every other chapter of this story 😉

Disclaimer: For those worried about the use of Christian iconography, this chapter will not mention Christianity — or any other religion for that matter. Just because there's a halo and wings does not mean this is a story about religion. Don't read into it something that isn't there.

And no, the title is not an Among Us reference: It's a reference to all the angel-themed songs and TV shows and movies and other stuff in the '90s. Arguably, a lot of today's audience doesn't remember any of that at all, but it was totally a thing and it was everywhere all across the media from books to the TV news, and it was honestly kind of weird.

Anyway, buckle up! For Chloe and Zia, life's about to get angelicplz

— Inker