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#91. Flashback Chapter 4. Me, Myself, and Yikes

Ch 4.10 * #91 * Dec. 13, 2020
  1. *flashback to Chloe getting zapped*. Chibi Chloe (irritated): "I don't want to know." Chibi Zia (excited): "But I like explaining things!"
  2. *flashback to Zia rushing over while Two falls through a portal*. Chibi Zia: "You were out cold on the floor. We rushed over to you while the portal was collapsing, and they fell through just as it disappeared."
  3. *flashback to Two and Three falling into their portals, Two outside on the sidewalk, Three playing the drums*. Chibi Zia (confused): "The portal must have attuned to you somehow, and opened micro-endpoints under your counterparts in other dimensions."
  4. *present*. Chloe (angry): "How is this better than me staying home in bed!?" Three: "You know I can hear you, right?" Zia.
Characters: Chloe, Three, Zia

Remember that part Zia mentioned during the fillers about needing "a ton of new sets"? And costumes? And characters and poses and angles? Yeah.

— Inker