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#43. Reader Mail Month #5 Reader Mail Month

Reader Mail Month #5
#43 * Dec. 1, 2019
  1. Chloe: "LuciusAppaloosius asks, 'How much is he paying you for your performance? I hope you belong to the IFWCC (International Fellowship of Web Comic Characters).'"
  2. Chloe: "Well, I get scale and a half." Zia: "Really? I need to renegotiate my contract." Director: "Cut! Take five. We gotta check with legal about this script."
  3. Chloe (walking off set): "You work hard. You deserve it." Zia: "You really think so?" Chloe: "Seriously, you learned all those card tricks for one story arc, and we'll probably never use them again. I don't think I could've done that." Zia: "I'm sure you could've if the script called for it."
  4. Chloe (at the food table): "Next time you want to renegotiate, we'll march in there together. Inker'll listen. He's not that scary."
  5. Zia: "He's a terrifying blue ghost." Chloe: "He's a softie. Trust me. And he likes you. Out of all those girls who auditioned for your role, he picked you." Zia: "You sure I won't get fired if I ask?"
  6. Chloe: "If you do, we'll go to the union. They'll fight for you. You think Inker would last for a second across the negotiating table from Garfield? I'd rather go up against Don Corleone." Zia: "Good point."
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I'm So Meta, Even This Acronym.

...and with apologies to Jim Davis 🙂

Update: It seems I uploaded the high-resolution original rather than the usual resampled 900-pixel version. So, uh, enjoy your super-high-res download, folks ^^; For those who'd like the usual size, it can be found in my Sta.sh.

— Inker