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#45. Reader Mail Month #7 Reader Mail Month

Reader Mail Month #7
#45 * Dec. 15, 2019
  1. Chloe: "Ah, here's a few for our guest stars from the last story arc." "AnonymousGX asks, 'Iris: Just... how? I understand less calories are needed, but a stomach of some size has to go somewhere!?!'" "Iris, care to answer that?"
  2. Iris: "I'm not really sure what they're asking." Chloe: "I think they want to know how you eat." Iris: "Um, with — my mouth?" Chloe: "I think they mean that you're missing the middle of your body."
  3. Iris: "I might look like a head with feet but that doesn't mean I am one. It's not like you have two whole sets of organs, right?" Chloe: "Um, well..." Iris: "Geez, really? Now that's freaky."
  4. Zia: "Next question: 'Juniper, do you eat, and/or photosynthesize? If the latter, how long can you go without sunlight?'" "I think they mean Rachel." "Rachel, care to answer?"
  5. Rachel: "Sure." "I have no idea how I work." "Water and sunlight are nice, but I don't eat, and my mouth goes nowhere. I shouldn't be alive, but here we are."
  6. Zia: "Well, that answers that."
Characters: Chloe, Iris, Rachel, Zia

The anatomy answers we all wanted to know! Sort of!

— Inker