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#157. With Friends Like This The Priscilla Comics

With Friends Like This
#157 * Apr. 9, 2023
  1. Chloe and Zia leave the Brantley Gardens apartment building. Chloe: "Are you sure?" Zia: "Positive. I think we got good results this ti — "
  2. Priscilla (pops in front of them): "*_Let me ride you, _Magical Unicorn Princess!"
  3. Priscilla (attacks Zia with a rolled-up newspaper): "Eeew! Scary yucky snake!"
  4. Priscilla (waves newspaper wildly): "Grrr!!!" Zia (holding back Priscilla easily): "Friend of yours?" Chloe: "Not really."
Characters: Chloe, Priscilla, Zia

Pro tip: Attacking a snake with a rolled-up newspaper is probably not the best idea.

We finally get to see the outside of Brantley Gardens, Chloe's and Zia's apartment building. The architect was from New York, and he modeled it loosely after his favorite New York brownstones, but it was built in Pasadena, California, in 1948. On the up side, it's old enough to be rent-controlled; on the down side, it tends to need repairs after every major earthquake. But there are definitely worse places to live.

— Inker