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#143. FAQ #1 FAQ Month

FAQ #1
#143 * Jan. 1, 2023
  1. Chloe: "Welcome to FAQ Month, where we're going to answer the questions everyone keeps asking about Day Two!" Zia: "That's right!"
  2. Zia: "Even though half this stuff is explained right in the story, you dorks keep asking us the same questions over and over, so it's high time we shut you the hell up by spelling it out once and for all!"
  3. Chloe: "Rude, Zia!" "Anyway, these answers are all canon!" Zia: "Except when they're not!" Chloe: "No, seriously, we're only giving canon answers."
  4. Zia (dully): "Fiiiiine." Zia: "The first stupid question we get asked a lot is: Chloe, where do you keep your cell phone?"
  5. Chloe (points at her shirt): "In the... back pocket of my shirt, just like everyone else in the world?" Zia: "You won't believe this, but their world doesn't have shirts with pockets."
  6. Zia: "Next up, Chloe, what do you do for a living?"
  7. Chloe: "I have a Master's Degree in Medieval European History, and I work for the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. I help with bookkeeping and cataloguing, and I do the occasional tour."
  8. Zia: "Whereas I majored in particle physics, and I minored in not giving a [censored]!" Chloe: "Geez, Zia!" Zia: "What? We're still PG-rated. They bleeped it out!"
Characters: Chloe, Zia

Welcome to FAQ Month indeed!

Everything written in *green* during FAQ Month is canon. Honestly, most of this has been canon since the beginning, but some of you keep asking, so the girls are gonna spend some time spelling it out clearly. In the future, if you ask a question that's been answered in the FAQ, I'm just gonna link the appropriate FAQ page, okay? Okay! 😎

— Inker