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#114. My Lunch with Lynne Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

My Lunch with Lynne
Ch 5.0 * #114 * May 29, 2022
  1. Green tailfin swimming underwater with little white bubbles all around.

We're back! After a hiatus that was way longer than expected (OMG, a year), we finally return with the long-awaited chapter 5, "My Lunch with Lynne." I have a nice, deep buffer of finished comics for this, so you can expect the story to continue on schedule, with new comics posted every Sunday at noon US Eastern Time, through November 2022.

Hope you folks enjoy this chapter. Every chapter is a little different, and this one will start a little gentler than usual — this chapter has a little more character depth than we've had in the past — but we're going to build to the usual unpredictable craziness and lunacy that Day Two is known for 🙂

And just in time for #MerMay, we have an entire six-month-long chapter full of mermaids! w00t!

— Inker