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#150 * Feb. 19, 2023
  1. Chloe: "People keep asking: Is there magic in our world?" Zia (sagely): "In every sunset and rainbow, in the laugh of a newborn baby, and in the birth of a new generation."
  2. Chloe (facepalming): "Really, Zia?" Zia: "Gawd, I hope not." "If there's magic, my physics degree isn't worth the paper it's printed on."
  3. Chloe: "I think the question is about how there can possibly all sorts of weird monsters in the world, like us."
  4. Zia (picks up a pointer and puts on her lab coat): "All right, let's get something straight here."
  5. Zia (points at her whiteboard, which has pictures of a tardigrade on it): "Biology made a poison mammal that lays eggs, scorpions the size of Buicks, reptiles the size of the Astrodome, and this carnivorous nightmare monster that can survive being frozen, boiled, poisoned, radiated, and the vacuum of space — "
  6. Zia (points at Chloe): " — and you people really think it can't make a horse with arms?" Chloe (steaming): "I know a snake who's about to lose her arms."
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As usual, Zia's not wrong, but it's about that delivery...

OMG, page #150! Woo! Milestone!

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