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#188. Inside Out Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Inside Out
Ch 6.19 * #188 * May 12, 2024
  1. Zia (leaning against a wall): "Why? Why does it always work for her?" Chloe: "Zia?"
  2. Zia (frustrated, looking down): "Every time. She always wins, I always lose." "I always lose!" "I hate her so much!" "Everything always works out for her." "Everything I do always ends in disaster." Chloe: "Zia — "
  3. Zia (sitting against the wall): "It's like I never left home." "Angel the angel. Zia the troublemaker." "Juan the lawyer. Zia the mess." "Cris the priest. Zia the wasted genius." "Paul, María, Miguel, running Papá's business." "Zia, damaging everything in the store."
  4. Zia (huddling): "Angel at least pretends to care." "I had a way to show her, Chloe." "I could show her how hard it is to be around them all." "How impossible it is to be related to even one person who's perfect." "But even that didn't work." "I failed again."
  5. Zia (huddling): "In my entire life, I've never done anything good that they'd understand." "Not even once." "I tried so hard." "I was going to have one success." "One thing that I got right that nobody else could do." "But even that one went wrong."
  6. Zia (hands on her face): "My — " " — my ideas broke the world, Chloe."
  7. Chloe (unsure whether to approach her).
  8. Chloe: "Zia — " "It's — " " — it's okay."
  9. Zia (looks up in tears): "No. " — no it *isn't*."
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