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Day Two Chapter 1. It Begins!

Day Two
Ch 1.0 * #0 * Apr. 7, 2019
  1. Chloe. Zia. Portal. Zia sitting on a giant *Day Two* logo made of cracked broken stone, pushing the word "Day" off while Chloe holds it up. A purple portal is swirling in the middle of the "O".
Characters: Chloe, Portal, Zia

Meet Chloe and Zia, two ordinary young women just trying to live a normal life — in a crazy messed-up world where one out of every five humans has become some kind of weird monster! In their small apartment outside Los Angeles, they now deal with the daily struggles of simply trying to exist: Holding down a job, visiting the grocery store, walking down the street, or even just watching TV when you can barely fit on the couch anymore.

Will they find love? Will they find happiness? Will they be human again? Will they ever find a usable hairbrush for Chloe's tail?

Tune in and find out, every Sunday at noon, U.S. Eastern Time!

This is also a great place to address the title, Day Two. It's so oblique! What does it mean!?

In canon, it may end up meaning more, but it's really a reference to the idea that most transformation stories focus on the transformation itself — that is, on the events of day one in the life of the poor transformee. That's interesting enough, but what I always find more interesting is how people deal with it afterward — the bizarre consequences of suddenly having to live your life with the wrong number of body parts, and all made by the wrong manufacturer. Day Two is about not just day two itself, but about day two and every strange day beyond.

Day Two is a comedy, but there will be world-building as it goes, and there may even be large story arcs at times, and maybe, just maybe, we'll find out just why their world is so messed-up.

Stay tuned! I'm enjoying writing and drawing this, and I hope you're enjoying reading it too!

— Inker