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#9. Study Chapter 1. It Begins!

Ch 1.9 * #9 * Apr. 7, 2019
  1. Chloe sitting on the couch, with books on the table in front of her. TV: "Mars is bright tonight." Chloe: "Mars is bright tonight." TV: "Saturn is in ascendance." Chloe: "Saturn is in ascendance."
  2. Zia: "What are you doing?" Chloe: "I don't really know much about my new species, so..." "I went to the library. And so this is Harry Potter, Narnia, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, some Well World books, a Dungeons and Dragons 3E manual, and Ovid's Metamorphosis."
  3. Zia stares at Chloe.
  4. Zia: "How is it possible you've become both half as much human and twice as much dork?"
Characters: Chloe, TV, Zia

Well, you gotta give Chloe this much: She's thorough.

— Inker