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#192. Weakness Chapter 6. Angel's Among Us

Ch 6.23 * #192 * Jun. 9, 2024
  1. Chloe (to Zia): "Come on." Zia (still huddled in the corner): "No."
  2. Chloe: "Let's go do some dinner. Aren't you hungry?" Zia: "No."
  3. Chloe (starts to walk away): "I guess Angel and I are going to Steamboat Taco Time by ourselves then..."
  4. Zia: "Steamboat — " (looks up) "_ — Taco Time?_"
  5. Zia: "With the awkward animatronic band?" "And the waiters are dressed up in old-timey clothes?"
  6. Zia (brightens): "And there's disco music and strobe lights!?" "And everybody's wearing roller skates for some reason!?"
  7. Chloe (grinning): "But I guess if you're _not interested — _"
  8. Zia (stands up): "My one weakness, I just can't say no to dancing chickens."
Characters: Chloe, Zia

My weakness is hot-buttered popcorn, but y'know, Zia, you do you.

— Inker