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#127. Discovery Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

Ch 5.13 * #127 * Aug. 28, 2022
  1. Zia: "No! Absolutely not! Do you know how dangerous that is!?" Chloe: "We'll do it safely. I just want her to know there's a chance."
  2. Lynne: "Would two you mind telling me what's going on?"
  3. Zia: "No way! We can't let anyone know!" Chloe: "Zia, she's my sister! She's family! She's safe!"
  4. Lynne (pointing, somewhat panicky): "Um — guys — why do you have a weird machine the size of a farm tractor in the corner — " "and a PORTAL in that closet!?"
Characters: Chloe, Lynne, Zia

Honestly, I'm with Zia on this.

— Inker