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#147 * Jan. 29, 2023
  1. Chloe (reads card and blanches). Chloe: "Uh oh." Zia: "What?" Chloe: "They're asking what 'Day Two' means." Zia: "OMG. What the [censored], people!? It's been on the title page for years!"
  2. Chloe (pushes Zia out): "Look — I'll just repeat the title page, and you can go play Mario Kart, okay?" Zia: "Unbelievable."
  3. Chloe: "So let's address the title, Day Two. It's so oblique! What does it mean?"
  4. Chloe: "In canon, it may end up meaning more, but it's really a reference to the idea that transformation stories almost always focus on the transformation itself — " "That is, on the events of day one in the life of a transformee like me."
  5. Chloe: "Whereas this story is about how people deal with it afterward —" "The bizarre consequences of suddenly having to live your life with the wrong number of body parts, and all made by the wrong manufacturer." "Do you love it?" "Do you tolerate it?" "Do you hate it?"
  6. Chloe: "This story is about dealing with terrible tragedy — by laughing at it." "About laughing at how absurd life is — especially if you have a horse for a butt." "So 'Day Two' is about not just day two itself, but about day two, and every strange day beyond."
  7. Zia (offscreen): "You're losing at Mario Kart!" Chloe: "I'm not playing Mario Kart!" Zia: "My tail is filling in for you!"
  8. Chloe: "Personally, I recommend hating it a lot." Zia: "Chloe, you blue-shelled me!"
Characters: Chloe, Zia

It really has been posted on the Title page for nearly three years now. Of course, Chloe took some liberties with her retelling here, but it's not exactly news.

Reminder: Everything written in *green* during FAQ Month is canon.

— Inker