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#120. Metaphors Chapter 5. My Lunch with Lynne

Ch 5.6 * #120 * Jul. 10, 2022
  1. Chloe: "Look — " Lynne: "No, let me speak first. You were right." Chloe: "What?"
  2. Lynne: "You were right. Mom and Dad — did treat me better. I'm sorry. I should've stood up for you. I should've done something about it."
  3. Lynne: "It was so easy not to say anything. I'm sorry I didn't do what I should've." Chloe: "But they were right. You were better in school than I was. If they hadn't pushed me, I wouldn't have my Bachelor's or my Master's."
  4. Lynne: "I could have been supportive, though. I was a jerk." Chloe: "Well — water under the bridge."
  5. Lynne (frowning).
  6. Chloe (grinning): "Okay, bad choice of words. Don't be a wet blanket!" Lynne: "Now you're doing it on purpose." Chloe: "I'm fishing for a smile?"
Characters: Chloe, Lynne

I think Chloe's about to get fish-slapped.

— Inker